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Friday, June 29, 2012

"Disable the purveyors": Is US secretly liquidating dissidents?

My new Press TV article "Disable the purveyors": Is US secretly liquidating dissidents?," published yesterday, is going viral. I hope it helps shame the US government into becoming a global leader in human rights, rather than human rights violations.

And the one from a few days ago, Turks remain blasé over false flag ops, is also getting around.

I love how Press TV, Veterans Today, and Russia Today offer big, widely-viewed platforms for seriously dissident English-language journalism. If you have friends and family who are still being dumbed down by Fox, CNN, PBS, and/or the foundation-funded pseudo-alternative outlets, tell them to change the channel!

You might even consider investing in a satellite dish. For around $150, you can buy a dish that will pull in Press TV and Russia Today, along with lots of other foreign channels, forever with no monthly charge. Why pay a monthly fee to get vomited on by the 9/11-complicit war criminal US media, when you can get real cutting-edge journalism for free?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Deface 9/11!

A genocidal satanic icon, erected by war criminals, was recently greatly improved by someone with a can of spray paint.

The official story of 9/11 is a satanic, idolatrous false religion. It is an evil idol, and it must be smashed.

The story that Muslims did 9/11 is patently false. Yet this big lie launched the mass murder of more than a million Muslims - an act of genocide.

Imagine: A group of Nazis slaughters 3,000 innocent Christian children, drains them of blood, and sells the "official story" that Jews butchered the children and drank their blood. A war on Jews, disguised as a "war on terror," commences. More than a million Jews are killed.

That is what happened on 9/11, except it was Muslims, rather than Jews, who were victimized.

Everyone who transmits the official Big Lie of 9/11 is guilty of incitement to genocide, among other crimes against humanity. The people who put up this "memorial" have intentionally averted their eyes from the fact that 9/11 was a genocidal hoax. They ought to be tried at a new Nuremburg-style tribunal.

"But we didn't know!" they would surely whine, as the noose closed around their necks. Sorry, but...how could you NOT have known? The obvious demolition of WTC-7 is only a mouse-click away. It's just one grain of a Mt. Everest of evidence that no person acting in good faith could possibly not understand.

I know that some folks in the 9/11 truth movement will be horrified that I am cheering for "vandals" who have "defaced" a "monument." What in the world can such "vandalism" accomplish? Doesn't it just piss people off and make truthers look crazy and criminal?

Having taught Religious Studies at two universities, I can tell you that the Official Hoax of 9/11 is a RELIGION. It is SACRED. (I analyzed its sacred mythic nature in my essay "The Myth of 9/11" published in 9/11 and American Empire v.2.)

The best way to destroy a sacred myth is NOT to argue against it, or present evidence against it. Nobody actually evaluates evidence when it comes to sacred myths anyway.

The best way to destroy a sacred myth is to VIOLATE ITS SACRALITY. If the society cannot force people to refrain from wildly sacreligious acts targeting the central symbols of the myth, then the myth will crumble.

If every 9/11 monument is systematically defaced, and if every speaker who uncritically cites or takes for granted the official story is interrupted and heckled, if complicit newspapers find their newsboxes "vandalized," if complicit TV networks suffer similar fates...the 9/11 myth will crumble.

Whoever sprayed "hoax" on this genocidal idol did more for 9/11 truth than any number of researchers and authors writing articles and books.

I hope and pray that thousands of similar acts follow.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Clash of the Titans (Fetzer vs. Tarpley)

Jim Fetzer and Webster Tarpley are two of my favorite people.

Not everyone can say that.

In fact, quite a few 9/11 truthers wouldn't put either Webster OR Jim in their "favorite people" category.

Why not? Well, both are brash, egotistical geniuses. Each has complete confidence in his own analysis. Neither suffers fools gladly.

Both are brilliant scholars AND first-rate extemporaneous speakers, a rare combination. Both have that aggressive speechifying style that is so rhetorically effective - far more effective than the more tentative styles of "careful" folks like David Ray Griffin and Richard Gage. (Even dimwits like Hannity and O'Reilly and Limbaugh can be rhetorically effective with an aggressive style; while even geniuses like Noam Chomsky can be less than effective by being more passive-aggressive than just-plain-aggressive.)

I also like both guys personally. They're uncommonly principled lovers of truth and justice.

Watching them fight it out at the Vancouver 9/11 Hearings was quite a sight. Was it heroic or tragicomic? I couldn't quite decide, so I penned the following ode to Jim and Webster.

Clash of the Titans

Like demigods on old Olympus
Tarpley and Fetzer met,
Each one to cast his own
Titanic 9/11 net
Around fish-schools of facts
And draw them tight back to their boats.
And as they cast those nets, both Titans
Were sure feeling their oats.

First Fetzer cast his net - its breadth
Was breathtakingly wide.
The holograms and Zionists it caught
Were laid out side by side.

Then Tarpley cast his massive net
And caught 46 drills
As well as cures and palliatives
For all the world's ills.

"The coup, you see, was made in USA"
The Web-ster said.
"If you keep blaming Zionists
This movement will soon be dead."

"The truth is all that matters,"
Was Jim Fetzer's proud reply.
"If you keep playing politics
You'll end up in a lie."

Some in the crowd sided with Jim,
Which drove the Web-ster wild:
"Blaming the foreigner," he sneered
"Is the politics of a child."

"It aligns you with the Jew-haters,
Obscurantists, and hacks,
And loads a hopeless burden
On our poor truth-seeking backs."

"But look at all the evidence!"
Was Jim's forceful reply.
"The clues that point at Zionists
Are piled up to the sky!

"PeeNACkers and neocons,
Dancing Israelis too,
Odigo, Zim, and UMS:
The suspects, sad to say, are Jews.

"And let's look at the cover-up:
Kissinger, Zelikow, Sunstein
Mukasey, Chertoff, Salzberger
And Zion's media machine."

"So now you're just a LIHOPPER!"
Web forcefully inveighed.
"You think it was a foreign land
Where these attacks were made.

"The Rogue Network lives on Wall Street
And in London City too.
What you're saying here resonates
With scum who always 'blame the Jew.'"

"If a Jew did it, blame him!"
The Fetz-man blasted back.
"It's tailoring truth to politics
That makes a man a hack."

And on and on like this they clashed,
Titanic egos booming.
The truthers in the audience
All sensed disaster looming.

And then, from deep within the crowd
Arose a little man
Dressed in a plain white lab coat
With a scalpel in his hand.

He said, "I can resolve
This problematic situation.
If you'll allow me, I'll conduct
A minor operation.

"I'm going to open up their heads
And make a little change:
I'll remove their massive egos,
But leave their massive brains."

He performed an ego-ectomy
On both - and from the sound
Of it I hear that Jim and Web
Each lost a hundred pounds.

Much slimmer now, and wiser too,
Webster and Jim made friends,
Agreed to disagree,
And so this poem

Friday, June 22, 2012

Press TV: Diverse opinions, free speech

I caught the flu in Vancouver, had a long and uncomfortable train ride back to Wisconsin, and just returned to solid food by way of a single banana. Wish me luck.

Anyway, if I looked slightly queasy in yesterday's Press TV interview, it wasn't just a reaction to what I was hearing from Lawrence Korb, a "senior fellow and director of national security studies at the Council on Foreign Relations" and former "holder of the Maurice Greenberg Chair."  (Maurice "Hank" Greenberg is one of the leading 9/11 suspects.)

Though I was the one with the flu, it was Korb spewing half-digested bits of sound-bite all over the screen. Korb claimed that the US has no interest in controlling the Middle East: "When the Iraqis told us to leave, we left." (So when are we evacuating those bases, and that "embassy" i.e. Occupation Command Center that covers half of Baghdad?) He hurled up the absurd non-sequitur that because the US allowed Mubarak to fall from power, it therefore must not be arming the Syrian rebels - despite all the evidence to the contrary including the latest NY Times article. And he answered my charge that 9/11 was a Zionist/militarist inside job with another non-sequitur, by saying that "Iran condemned the 9/11 attack." (In fact, Iran's president has repeatedly earned standing ovations at the United Nations by speaking out for 9/11 truth...which is the best way of condemning the attack!)

The third guest, Sukant Chandan, couldn't believe what he was hearing from Korb, and opined that Korb was either terribly naive or "a trickster." Personally, I don't see how a terribly naive person - i.e. a person whose thought processes are as discombobulated as those on display in this interview - could possibly become the Director of National Security Studies for the Council on Foreign Relations.

Regardless of what may be going on in Korb's mysterious brain, Press TV deserves congratulations for hosting the best selection of free speech and diversity of opinion available in English-language television. Unlike Faisal al-Qassem's Opposing Viewpoints show on al-Jazeera, which is dominated by shouting matches, this Press TV episode developed slowly and dramatically into a shouting match; it was informative as well as entertaining. The discerning viewer is left to make up his or her own mind about who is providing accurate information, and who's dishing out the BS.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Watch the Vancouver Hearings! They're happening right now....


WATCH the 911 Vancouver Hearings (LIVESTREAM) – Starts Friday, June 15th at 6PM PST

■The official account provided by the United States government is false
■The search for truth requires that all possibilities be considered without prejudice
■Theories must be compared on the basis of the relative probability of the evidence if they were true, where those with higher likelihoods thus defined are preferable to those with lower, where, when the evidence has “settled down”, the theory with the highest likelihood is “acceptable” in the tentative and fallible fashion of science


Link: http://novalight.wordpress.com/2012/06/15/listen-to-the-911-vancouver-hearings-livestream/

Expanding the boundaries of 9/11 Truth
The Denman Theatre, 15-17 June 2012
1737 Comox Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Organizers: James H. Fetzer, Ph.D., and Joshua Blakeney

McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth, Jim is the founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, edited its first book, THE 9/11 CONSPIRACY (2007), organized its first conference, “The Science and Politics of 9/11″ (Madison) and produced its first DVD.

Graduate student at the University of Lethbridge, 9/11 activist, Staff Writer at Veterans Today, and now the Canadian correspondent for PressTV, Josh was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship to study “The Origins of the Global War on Terror”.

The probity of these sworn presentations will be evaluated by a panel of judges, who will swear in our speakers, offer informal opinions at the conclusion of the conference and prepare their evaluation of the hearings in formal opinions for later publication, including:

* Constance (Connie) Fogal, B.S., B.A., M.A., LL.B. – Judge at the 9/11 Vancouver Hearings

Former leader of the Canadian Action Party, former Vancouver Parks Board Commissioner, former Director, Kitsilano and Vancouver Community Resource boards; lawyer with the Defence of Canadian Liberty Committee to oppose what Fogal sees as threats to Canadian constitutional sovereignty.

* Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd – Judge at the 9/11 Vancouver Hearings

Judge on the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal, Webre submitted a Memorandum to the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee calling for the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate 9/11 and was a co-architect of the Space Preservation Treaty endorsed by more than 270 NGOs worldwide.

The Denman Theatre, 15-17 June 2012
1737 Comox Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Friday, 15 June 2012:

Masters of Ceremonies:  * Greg Felton (odd sessions) and * Jack Etkin (even)

An award-winning investigative journalist, Greg was a long-time political columnist for the Vancouver Courier and for the Canadian Arab News. He is the author of THE HOST AND THE PARASITE (2nd edition, 2010) and of EXPLODING MIDDLE EAST MYTHS (2011).

Television talk show host and media activist, Jack has been keenly involved with the 9/11 Truth movement and has interviewed many of its leaders from Wayne Prante to Dr. Neils Harrit on “Face to Face” and authored “Dick Cheney, Burning Korans, and the Media”. 
6:00-7:00 PM:  Orientation and Keynote Address:  * Splitting the Sky

Activist and author who attempted a citizen’s arrest of George W. Bush in Calgary in 2009 and was near the Twin Towers the day before 9/11, STS participated in the Attica Prison rebellion and has become a staunch advocate for the marginalized and the dispossessed.

7:00-9:00 PM:  Session 1: The Pentagon, the Witnesses, and the Passengers

* Enver Masud, “What didn’t happen at the Pentagon” (40 minutes)

Founder and CEO of The Wisdom Fund, recipient of the 2002 Gold Award from for THE WAR ON ISLAM. An engineer by profession, he was residing near the Pentagon and observed its condition immediately after the hit, which he wrote about in 9/11 UNVEILED.

* Barbara Honegger, “Behind the Smoking Curtain: The Pentagon attacked Itself” (40 minutes)
Former White House Policy Analyst, and for more than a decade Senior Military Affairs Journalist at DoD’s science, technology and national security affairs graduate university, she authored OCTOBER SURPRISE (1989) and “The Scarlet A: Anthrax Links to 9/11″.

* Dean Hartwell, “Planes and passengers: What became of them?” (40 minutes)

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, Masters in Public Administration, and law degree, J.D., Dean is also the author of PLANES WITHOUT PASSENGERS: THE FAKED HIJACKINGS OF 9/11 (2011) and DEAD MEN TALKING (2009) on JFK, RFK and 9/11.

9:00 PM-9:30 PM:  Questions for the speakers from the panel of judges

9:30-10:00 PM:  Discussion and Debate

Saturday, 16 June 2012:

9:00-11:00 AM:  Session 2:  How were the Twin Towers destroyed?  Part 1

* Nicholas Kollerstrom, “The Nine Keys to 9/11” (40 minutes)

Ph.D., historian of science, including articles on Sir Isaac Newton, Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, founding member of the UK’s 9/11 Truth movement, member of the New York Academy of Sciences, author of 7/7: TERROR ON THE TUBE (3rd edition, 2012)

* Charles Boldwyn, “Why the Twin Towers could not have collapsed” (40 minutes)

M.S. in chemistry, 2-years in a Ph.D. program in polymer science at University of Akron; 82nd Airborne, 101st Airborne, Special Forces; more than 20 years as high-school math, physics, and chemistry teacher; and Chuck has fifteen (15) interviews on “The Real Deal”.

* Jeff Prager, “Proof of Ternary Fission in New York City on 9/11″ (40 minutes)

Founder of an award winning magazine for Senior Citizens, in 2002 he tried to prove 19 Muslims hijacked four planes and attacked us. By 2005, he realized this was false, sold his business, left the US and began to investigate 9/11 full-time.  See 9/11 America Nuked.

11:00-11:30 AM:  Questions for the speakers from the panel of judges

11:30-Noon:  Discussion and Debate

Noon-1:30 PM:  Lunch on the town

1:30-4:30 PM:  Session 3:  How were the Twin Towers destroyed? Part 2

* Donald Fox, “Mini-nukes used at the WTC and the real ‘untold story’” (40 minutes)

Don has done extensive research on the role of mini-nukes by Dr. Ed Ward and on work by The Anonymous Physicist on the towers and has formulated an account of how it was done and why there is more to this story relative to very low-yield thermonuclear devices.
* Clare Kuehn, “Were DEWs used to decimate the Twin Towers?” (40 minutes)

A University of Toronto graduate in history and student of philosophy, mathematics and the arts, she will discuss Judy Wood, WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO?, and will present evidence for the use of “DEWs” as “Directional Free or ‘Low-Input’ Energy Weapons”.

* Dwain Deets, “Assessing Alternative Theories about the Twin Towers” (40 minutes)

The former Chief of Research Engineering and Director for Aeronautical Projects at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, Dwain has evaluated alternative explanations of the WTC-7 in “Approaching the Puzzling Destruction of WTC 7” and of the Twin Towers.

4:30-5:00 PM:  Questions for the speakers from the panel of judges

5:00-5:30 PM:  Discussion and Debate

5:30-7:00:  Dinner on the town

7:00-10:00 PM:  Session 4:

Who was Responsible for 9/11 and Why?

* Susan Lindauer, “Confessions of a CIA Asset” (40 minutes)

A graduate of Smith, she sent a letter protesting plans to illegally invade Iraq to President George W. Bush, for which she was harassed, prosecuted, and incarcerated, even though she had been a CIA and DIA asset, which she writen about in Extreme Prejudice (2010).

* Kevin Barrett, “9/11 and the Neo-Con Agenda” (40 minutes)

Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist and one of America’s best-known critics of 9/11, is co-editor of 9/11 AND AMERICAN EMPIRE: CHRISTIANS, JEWS AND MUSLIMS SPEAK OUT (2006), and author of TRUTH JIHAD (2007) and of QUESTIONING THE WAR ON TERROR (2009).

* Alan Sabrosky, “Genesis of Deception:  Israel and Its Friends on 9/11″ (40 minutes)

Ph.D., Michigan; held MacArthur Chair of Research and was Director of Studies, US Army War College Strategic Studies Institute.  10-years USMC, has had adjunct appointments at Georgetown and The School of Advanced International Affairs at Johns Hopkins University.

* Joshua Blakeney, “The Likudnik Origins of 9/11” (40 minutes)

Graduate student at the University of Lethbridge, member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, 9/11 activist, Staff Writer at Veterans Today, and now the Canadian correspondent for PressTV, Josh has made numerous appearances on radio and television discussing current events.

9:00-9:30 PM:  Questions for the speakers from the panel of judges

9:30-10:00 PM:  Discussion and Debate

Sunday 17 June 2012

9:00-11:00 AM: Session 5:   The Fabrication of the Atrocities of 9/11

* Christopher Holmes, “Fabled Airplanes and Scripted Witnesses” (40 minutes)

Ph.D., a clinical and forensic psychologist, the director of the Zero Point Institute and author of THE MADNESS OF HUMANITY (2011), Christopher has a psychological and forensic examination of Simon Shack’s “September Clues” studies in “Fabled Airplanes”.
* Dennis Cimino, “The ‘official account’ of flights on 9/11 is a fantasy” (40 minutes)

A.A., EE; 35-years EMI/EMC testing, field engineering; FDR testing and certifications specialist; Navy Combat Systems Specialist; 2,000 hours, Pilot in Command, Commercial Instrument Single and Multi-Engine Land Pilot, Eastern Airlines 727-200, Second Officer

* Jim Fetzer, “Fakery and Fraud in the ‘Official Account’ of 9/11” (40 minutes)

A former Marine Corps officer, Jim has given hundreds of interviews and lectures on 9/11, including a 3.5 hour interview on television in Athens (2006), which was broadcast worldwide by satellite, in Buenos Aires (2008 and 2009), and in London (2010).

11:00-11:30 AM:  Questions for the speakers from the panel of judges

11:30 AM-Noon:  Discussion and Debate

Noon-1:30 PM:  Lunch on the town

1:30-5:00 PM:  Session 6: The Media, the 9/11 Myth, and the Message

* John McCarthy, “US government involvement in 9/11 is no surprise” (40 minutes)

Combat veteran in Vietnam and Nuclear Weapons qualified, John coordinated war plans for Special Forces ops behind the Iron Curtain the CIA and will address the role of the DoD and the CIA in false flag terrorism and the double-edged sword of “plausible deniability”.

* Webster Tarpley, “From 9/11 to WIKILEAKS and ‘The Arab Spring’: Covert ops in our time” (40 minutes)
A philosopher of history and activist historian, he is well known especially for his books, George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (1992) and 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in the U.S.A. (2005).  Popular as a speaker and guest, he maintains a web site at TARPLEY.net.

* Anthony Hall, “How the Media have Failed us All” (40 minutes)

Ph.D., Founding Coordinator of Globalization Studies at University of Lethbridge, Tony is the author of THE AMERICAN EMPIRE AND THE FOURTH WORLD (2003) and of EARTH INTO PROPERTY (2010) and has been studying the impact of 9/11 upon globalization.

3:30-4:30 PM: The Judges, “Evaluations of The Vancouver Hearings” (one hour)

4:30-5:00 PM:  Discussion and Debate: Where do we go from here?

* Speakers are confirmed.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Canada goes broke throwing money at imaginary terror threat

Courtesy of Joshua Blakeney and Press TV:

Joshua Blakeney reports on the creation of a new counter-terrorism squad in Alberta. The report features Dr. Kevin Barrett, Michelle Robinson and Aaron Doncaster. All three analysts concur that there is no statistically significant threat posed by terrorism. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What is Really Happening in Syria?

Watch this brand-new Press TV interview on Syria
Shortly after reports of the Houla massacre - all blaming the Syrian government - started blanketing the corporate media, Press TV asked me for a response.  I replied: 

It is so easy for people to rush to judgment in these situations and go with their first impressions based on their prejudices and I think that we have seen a lot of that with the conflict in Syria and we have seen it with other areas as well and in Syria, it is just so hard to know exactly what is going on because it is not a simple case of a peaceful Arab spring movement going up against the government.

It is a very complex mixture of peaceful protesters and some non-peaceful, some violent opposition members of various groups and terrorist mercenaries working basically for the US and the Zionists attempting to destabilize Syria and these operators typically use deception to cover their tracks and to stage events in a false flag manner.

We saw that with 9/11; we have seen it in many other instances. So we have a huge credibility problem coming from the Western leadership and that manifest itself with the UN personnel as well.

So we really need to be careful and try to get as many actual eyewitness reports as possible and work hard to try to figure out what is actually happening on the ground in Syria.

Having learned the hard way to ask "who benefits?" whenever media hysteria breaks out, I continued: 

 It is not obviously going to benefit the Assad government to be staging something like this right before Kofi Annan shows up.

Since then, the BBC has been caught faking "Houla massacre" photos and trying to suppress its own interviews indicating that anti-government forces were responsible for most of the deaths in Houla, and that the victims were government supporters.   

One quick-and-dirty but reasonably accurate way to figure out the truth, and sort out the worse guys from the bad guys, is to listen to Paul Wolfwowitz and other neocons: Whatever they say, you can bet, is a lie, and whoever they favor is almost certainly the greatest of the evils. So when Wolfwowitz appeared in the same BBC interview calling for an invasion of Syria, it's a sure sign that all decent people should be opposing that prospect. 

In my new Press TV interview, I cite 9/11 as precedent, blast the lying Western media, and opine that Houla was probably a false-flag operation designed to trigger an escalation of the Western-sponsored attacks on Syria: