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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Press TV interview, Syria unrest, Israeli plot to destabilize Mideast

Check out my new Press TV interview:

Watch the interview and read the transcript:


More news...

I'm part of Russia Today's new Truth Seeker special, "America's Next Colonies." Watch it: http://rt.com/shows/the-truthseeker/shocking-torture-footage-dictators-694/

Also check out the VT article: Egypt’s coup faction: Criminals, fascists, and parasites

And my new book review: Conrad's Islamic Shadow

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Congress joins NSA in 9/11 treason

Why did the Bush Administration want to use the NSA to spy on every American, without any judicial oversight, beginning seven months BEFORE 9/11?

Because it needed to profile all prominent Americans who might pose a threat to the upcoming 9/11 coup d’├ętat… and collect blackmail material on as many as possible.

Worse yet, elements of the NSA appear to have been directly complicit in the 9/11 attacks. According to James Bamford, America’s leading expert on the NSA, the alleged 9/11 hijackers’ base of operations was NSA headquarters in Laurel, Maryland! 

full story: http://presstv.com/detail/2013/07/25/315463/congress-approves-nsa-lawbreaking/

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My interview with Siasat Rooz (Iranian newspaper)

Persian speakers can find the published version of V.Alvandiour's interview with me at http://www.siasatrooz.ir/vdcfjjdc.w6d0cagiiw.html

Below is the English version.

1. First of all, would you please tell me what your overall view about Iran is? I want to know how Iran is pictured in your mind. What is its role in current international politics?

Iran is not just a remarkable modern nation-state. It is also one of the world's oldest and most impressive civilizations. I think Iran's greatest contribution to world history is the way it accepted, democratized and enriched Islamic civilization. By "democratized" I mean that Iran was in the forefront of a movement, during the first few centuries of Islam, to hold all believers equal, as scripture insists. This was the beginning of Iran's history of Islamically-inspired struggle against injustice, which continues today. Also, Iran played a major role in turning Islam into the leading current of global civilization, by bringing earlier civilizational heritages into Arabic and Islamic culture.

When I think of Iran, two things come to mind: First, the outstanding Iranian contributions to Islamic civilization in the way of philosophy, theology, and literature; second, Iran's insistence on principled anti-imperialist policies since the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

2. What is your judgment about Iran’s nuclear program? And why has it become a ‘crisis’ in the western world?

The state causing the "crisis" is not Iran, it is Israel. The invasion, occupation and ethnic cleansing of Palestine by fanatical Zionist invaders is the root cause of most of the problems afflicting the Middle East. The Israelis are bellicose, paranoid, and determined to maintain their own regional nuclear monopoly. Since Iran is not building nuclear weapons, and would not be a first-strike threat even if it did, the whole crisis is mostly the product of the deranged Israeli imagination. But Israel has managed to inflict its  paranoia on the whole West, by way of a massive public relations campaign whose crown jewel was the 9/11 false flag operation. So the West views Iran as a threat primarily due to the monopolization of Western media, and domination of Western finance, by Jewish Zionists. Additionally, Iran's Islamic Revolution frightens the West, since it offers a model that could be used by other Middle Eastern countries to escape Western domination. Western relative economic and technological power is declining, so some in the West are paranoid about this "decline of Western civilization" and fearful that the Islamic world will provide an alternative civilizational model that could threaten to replace it. Iran is the one country in the Islamic world that has reclaimed its full independence and embraced an alternative civilizational model that actually works.

3. Why do Europe and many other countries obey America's orders on sanctions against Iran so readily?

I am not sure whether it is Europe obeying America's orders, or both Europe and America obeying Zionist orders. Zionist power, based in media and banking as well as political finance and organized crime, is very strong in Europe as well as the USA.

4. According to your opinion, why have Iran and 5+1 talks come to a deadlock?

The key difference of opinion is that Iran (and Brazil and Turkey in the May 2010 Tehran Declaration) believe that Iran has the right to nuclear technology for peaceful and research purposes, including fuel cycle enrichment, while the West sees that technological mastery as a potential threat.

5.  Is the West a trustworthy partner in the nuclear negotiations with Iran?

The West is not entirely trustworthy, but it occasionally does keep its agreements, such as the 1962 US agreement not to invade Cuba in return for the withdrawal of Soviet nuclear missiles.  If a West-Iran agreement could be reached, and its terms were absolutely clear and undeniable, the West might actually live up to it.  (Israel, on the other hand, is completely untrustworthy, and not worth negotiating with.)

6. What would you do about nuclear crisis if you were in Iranian officials' shoes?

I would launch an ambitious effort to convince the world to re-examine nuclear technology. I would try to position Iran as a world leader in calling for the abolition of nuclear weapons everywhere, and for re-thinking the question of whether even nuclear power technology is really safe and desirable. For example, Iran could host a conference on nuclear disarmament dedicated to the vision of President John F. Kennedy (a fierce opponent of the early Israeli nuclear program) and a conference on Fukushima and Chernobyl. If Iran were seen as seeking moral leadership on these issues, while the Supreme Leader continues to insist that nuclear weapons are haram (forbidden), it might shift world public opinion in a desirable direction and help the world see that Iran is an idealistic, moral state, not a rogue state.

7. How much do Western people know about Iran_5+1 negotiations? How much are they concerned with this issue?

Average Westerners are confused by the complex details of this issue.  Some accept the Israeli propaganda line that Iran is a threat; others (probably the majority) are undecided; and a few (like Flynt and Hillary Leverett) have come around to the view that Iran is not a threat and the whole Western position is misguided.

8. You know the US intelligence services have repeatedly announced that Iran has no intention to produce a nuclear weapon. Being aware of this announcement, why do Western powers insist that Iran wants to make a bomb? Why don't the major Western media pay attention to this important announcement?

The Western media are owned by Zionists, who do not want Westerners to know about the US intelligence estimates.

9. What do the majority of people in the US and other Western states think about Iran? How much do they know about Iran as a country?

There has been non-stop propaganda against Iran since 1979, but it has not really succeeded in completely demonizing Iran in the eyes of average people. When I tell people about traveling to Iran, they are curious and open-minded.

10. What is your idea on Iran-US direct talks? Is it beneficial for Iran? Does the American government have enough authority to decide about starting serious negations with Iran, or is it within Congress's jurisdiction? And, is there any real will for conducting these negotions on the US part?

I think direct talks with the Obama administration would be worth a try. Obama doesn't have to face re-election, so he might be able to take a relatively independent position. Also, Obama does not like Netanyahu, so he (and his "realist" advisers) might really want to find a solution.

11. What do you suggest to Iranian officials for getting rid of the nuclear crisis and its consequences (sanctions)?
Continue to push "soft power" strategies. The bans on Press TV and international Iranian media show that Press TV is having an effect.

Revisit the Tehran Declaration and unilaterally export LEU to Turkey, or otherwise find a "solution" with BRIC countries that can be unilaterally imposed - call it a good-will gesture.

12. The US and its European allies always shout slogans on 'human rights'. But why don't they do or at least say anything about crackdowns in countries like Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar, etc.? What do they say to their people about this double standards?

The West has always been hypocritical on human rights, but it got much worse after the September 11th 2001 coup d'├ętat. Now they are just using "human rights" as a weapon to bash their perceived enemies, while ignoring the issue in countries they dominate.

13. We know your ideas, or in fact revelations, about September 11th. As you and your colleagues have disclosed, the US government's role in this terroristic disaster is obvious. But why don't the majority of people in the US react to this fact? Do they think that the government was clean? Can't they understand your and others' explanations which suggest a government role? If it had happened in another country, people would have overthrown the whole political system. Do Americans completely trust the government, or are they just passive?

The biggest problem is that people have not realized how completely corrupt the mainstream media is. That realization is slowly sinking in. Every year more people get their news from the internet, which makes it harder and harder to hide the truth about 9/11, the Boston bombing, and similar events. But the mainstream media still has enough residual credibility to stop the truth movement from overthrowing the government.

This shows how powerful media is.  Iran should take note and continue to promote Press TV, Al-Alam, and the rest of the Iranian-based global media.

14. The Western powers overtly support the fundamentalist rebels in Syria. Are Western people aware of the horrendous brutalities like beheading and corpse eating of these fanatic rebels? If so, what do they think about their governments which support these barbarians? Why don’t they protest against this support?

Western people do not support the Syrian rebels. The polls show that a strong majority of Americans does not want to intervene in Syria. The brutalities, especially the cannibalism incident, have had an impact.

15. As you know, Bashar Asad's government is secular and most of the rebels are Islamist fanatics. Why do the US and Europe, who are pro-secular, support Islamist terrorists there? How they justify this paradox?
Most of them do not even try to justify it. A few absurdly pretend that the Western support is going to the "nice, secular, democratic rebels" not the "mean, nasty, corpse-eating al-Qaeda rebels."

16. What do you think about Syria situation? Will there be any end to the bloodshed there?

I think it is like the Iran-Iraq war, when the Zionist-led West tricked Iraq into attacking Iran in order to get Israel's two biggest enemies fighting each other and draining their resources. Now they have tricked many Sunni Islamists into fighting the Syrian government, for the same purpose.

The long-term solution to these problems is Islamic, anti-imperialist, and anti-Zionist unity.

17. What about Egypt. How do you analyze its events? How do you judge Morsi's measures and his expulsion (considering that the US had supported him completely)?

I think Morsi was "set up to fail" by the Egyptian deep state and its Western supporters. He did make many mistakes, especially taking IMF money, closing Gaza, and supporting the Syrian rebels. But the anti-Morsi forces are worse. I have written about this, and you are welcome to quote my articles:




18. What is your analysis of current international coalitions and oppositions? I mean how do you interpret the world's power alliances and rivalaries? Does Russia have the power to stand against the US and Britain? Where does Europe stands? What about a China and Russia alliance against west? Where are South America and India in these confrontations?

The West is in the process of declining from the position of world domination it held during the 19th and 20th centuries. The West's proportion of global GNP is expected to decline from over 50% today to around 15% by 2050. China, Russia, Iran, and the BRIC countries are leading global resistance to the Western financiers' attempt to impose a one-world dictatorship while they still have enough power to do it. I expect this resistance will be successful.

19. Considering your speeches and books on the US and Israel governments' role on September 11, do you feel safe in the US? Is there any threat to your safety and security?

I have suffered a certain amount of harassment, including not-very-credible death threats. But the US government usually deals with peaceful dissidents by attacking, ignoring, marginalizing, and impoverishing them, not by killing them. Only the really successful and ultra-charismatic dissidents, like Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., and Paul Wellstone, get assassinated. I have not been that successful, so I feel reasonably safe at this point. But one never knows.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hezbollah gets “terrorist” label for fighting al-Qaeda

Will al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri be America's next Homeland Security chief?
"Kerry argued that Hezbollah is indeed a terrorist organization because it 'has deepened its support' for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. What Kerry didn't say is that Assad is fighting an insurgency led by al-Qaeda.

"Translation: John Kerry supports al-Qaeda. He even says that anyone who opposes al-Qaeda is a terrorist.

"This comes after Republican leader John McCain sneaked across the Syrian border to join al-Qaeda a little over a month ago.

"In today's USA, al-Qaeda apparently enjoys bipartisan support..."

Read the full article:  http://presstv.com/detail/2013/07/23/315187/hezbollah-vilified-for-fighting-alqaeda/

Monday, July 22, 2013

Helen Thomas’s courageous legacy: “Zionists go home!”

"Helen Thomas, the dean of the Washington press corps, spent her career watching the Israel lobby destroy Palestine – and American democracy. Finally, in June 2010, she could no longer hide her disgust with Zionism..."

Read the full story: http://truthjihad.com/news/?p=609

What is Sam Harris REALLY afraid of?

Is Sam Harris an Islamophobe?

He admits that he fears Islam. He is shocked that "smart, well-educated liberals" do not fear Islam the way he does. He goes on and on about his fear of Islam.

Avoid him at parties - he'll chew your ear off, spit it out, put you to sleep, and wake you up again screaming "the Muslims are coming!"

Islamophobe literally means "one who fears Islam." Sam obviously qualifies.

Normally, when someone obsessively promulgates a negative view of a race or religion, that person is deemed a bigot...and drummed out of polite society. Any American obsessed by fears of Jews like Harris is obsessed by fears of Muslims would have a very hard time finding an academic job or getting their books published or being invited to give public lectures. 

Yet Sam Harris's extreme Islamophobia is tolerated. Why? Because most of America is at least moderately Islamophobic.

America is Islamophobic because the people who dominate the media feel a tribal bond with the people who are committing genocide in Palestine -  an Islamic-administered holy land virtually ever since Islam began. Since Muslims oppose the Palestine genocide, they are "the enemy," endlessly smeared by the media.

That is why Islamophobia has become second  nature to Americans...and why obsessive bigots like Sam Harris are tolerated.

Harris defends his bigotry by claiming that Islam really IS dangerous, so his fear is well-grounded.

That is the same defense of bigotry we always hear: Black people really DO commit more crime, Jews really DO loathe and persecute non-Jews, and so on.

What, precisely, is so dangerous about Islam? Harris is afraid of Islamic suicide bombers.

But why?

University of Chicago professor Robert Pape wrote the book on suicide terrorism. It's called Dying to Win.  Pape built a "database of every suicide bombing and attack around the globe from 1980 through 2003 — 315 attacks in all." His conclusions: "The data show that there is little connection between suicide terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism, or any one of the world's religions. . . . Rather, what nearly all suicide terrorist attacks have in common is a specific secular and strategic goal: to compel modern democracies to withdraw military forces from territory that the terrorists consider to be their homeland."

315 attacks in 23 years worldwide. During those same 23 years, about 1,500 Americans, and perhaps 30,000 people worldwide, were killed by lightning.

Anyone who fears suicide terrorism more than lighting is a paranoid lunatic.

Someone who spent their whole life looking up at the sky, trembling in fear of the next lightning strike, and blathering endlessly about the thunderstorm threat, would be relatively sane, compared to the likes of Sam Harris.

And Pape has proved that Islam isn't even a factor in suicide terrorism.

Someone who spent their whole life staring at the sky, terrified by the possibility of being struck by ISLAMIC lightning, would be a whole lot saner than Sam Harris.

(I will refrain from even mentioning "Jewish lightning," and will spare you the obligatory Larry Silverstein jokes.)

When a person is afflicted by a phobia - an obsessive, irrational fear - there are usually deep-seated unconscious factors behind it.

So...what is Sam Harris REALLY afraid of?

Harris's recent blog post Islam and the Misuses of Ecstacy answers that question.

Harris's alleged fear of suicide bombers is just the smokescreen thrown up by his unconscious mind. What he is really afraid of is Islamic spirituality.

Specifically, he is afraid of what the word Islam means: Absolute surrender to God.

Absolute surrender to God is a powerful, scary, ecstatic thing. Anal-retentive people - or control freaks, as non-Freudians call them - live in perpetual terror of having their egos annihilated, which would bring them face to face with Reality or Truth (al-Haqq, which is another name for God).

The ego, as Aldous Huxley explained, is a reducing valve.  Tom Wolfe glosses: "In ordinary perception, the senses send an overwhelming flood of information to the brain, which the brain then filters down to a trickle it can manage for the purpose of survival in a highly competitive world. Man has become so rational, so utilitarian, that the trickle becomes most pale and thin. It is efficient, for mere survival, but it screens out the most wondrous part of man's potential experience without his even knowing it. We're shut off from our own world.”

In a state of absolute surrender, or annihilation of the ego, we perceive that the "overwhelming flood of information" is just that - information. And as information theorists explain - and we intuit while in a state of ecstatic surrender - "information" necessarily comes from a mind, explicitly sent as a message to another mind.

The cosmos is information outpouring from the mind of God. And we are the recipients of the message.

When we see this, we also see how our ordinary consciousness is based on lies, starting with the mendacious denial of this wondrous reality. We see that our ego's "reducing valve" is actually a perpetual act of self-deception. We see that the root of this self-deception is greed, self-interest, "rational utilitarianism." We see that we are filtering out all information that doesn't help us in our concern with self-image and social and material empowerment.

Selfish people with overweening egos ("reducing valves") are the kuffar, the ungrateful truth-concealers. Those who surrender to God, and experience the ecstasy of the divine message, tend to become humble, grateful, and less self-obsessed. These are the muslims.

They become capable of the acts of extreme generosity that are relatively common in the Islamic world.

And they occasionally become capable of sacrificing their lives in a just cause...because they are (as the Buddhists also try to be) relatively non-attached.

And THAT is why Sam Harris is terrified by "Islamic suicide terrorism." Not because it's such a threat - it's actually a miniscule danger. The scary part is that these people are so spiritually empowered that they have overcome the selfish attachment to one life (mine!) as opposed to other lives. They are willing to die in a just cause.

Harris isn't really worried about their willingness to kill - all military fighters have that.

What he's really scared of is their willingness to die.

Sam Harris is not afraid of people like sniper Chris Kyle, who murdered 250 brave, innocent people in an unjust cause. Being willing to kill in an unjust cause is non-scary to Harris, because it's selfish and ultimately evil. Sam Harris is (let's face it) attached to selfishness and evil, and fanatically fearful and hateful toward the surrender to God that obliterates selfishness and evil.

Harris's horror at people willing to die in a just cause, and his complacency about the vastly larger number of people willing to kill vastly larger numbers of people in an unjust cause, verges on criminal insanity.

For better or worse, there are hardly any Muslims today who are willing to die in a just cause.

So Harris is really afraid of a specter fabricated by his own mind...fabricated to keep him attached to his selfish ego, enslaved to his reducing valve.

Tempted by the "glorious" call to prayer, given a taste of the divine reality by having practiced dhikr (Islamic meditation) for "hours at a stretch," Harris is wavering on the verge of embracing Islam.

All of his Islamophobic howling is what the Freudians call a "reaction formation." Harris is wildly protesting against his true desire - a desire that terrifies him because it threatens his sense of control - threatens to obliterate his ego - threatens him with "death before death," one of the highest (and scariest) spiritual attainments.

As Oscar Wilde said, "The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it."

Sam Harris obviously has been tempted by Islam.

So listen up, Sam: The only way to get rid of your temptation is to surrender to it.

Surrender to God, Sam.

You'll almost certainly find that it brings you a significantly greater degree of inner peace - perhaps even an-nafs al-mutma'inna, the fully peaceful soul.

Then you won't be condemned to spend the rest of your life - and (God forbid) the next - whining and kvetching and hating in this misguided crusade against your own inner demons.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Detroit bankruptcy: Death of the American Dream

Now it's official: Detroit is bankrupt.

And so is America.

This once-great nation is not just financially bankrupt, but morally and spiritually bankrupt as well. Detroit's demise symbolizes the death of the American dream...

(read full article: http://presstv.com/detail/2013/07/20/314675/detroit-bankruptcy-american-dream-demise/ )

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hellerstein to Silverstein: No more money for you, schmuck!

Judge Alvin Hellerstein has ruled that Larry Silverstein cannot keep double-dipping for billions of extra dollars in World Trade Center insurance money.

Silverstein, who bought the condemned-for-asbestos World Trade Center two months before it was struck by "Zionist lightning"* in 2001, was asking for an extra 11 billion dollars, on top of the roughly five billion dollars he has already extorted from insurers, despite his public confession to demolishing WTC-7 himself. Judge Hellerstein, who had already reduced the 11 billion dollar second claim to three billion dollars, finally got fed up with Silverstein's outlandish chutzpah and dismissed the case.

Publicly, Hellerstein hailed Silverstein as one of the "heroes" of 9/11 who "sought to create beauty out of destruction" ("beauty" apparently meaning "an endless US war on Israel's enemies").  Yet the judge declined to hand Silverstein the extra three billion dollars.

Hellerstein's private memo to Silverstein - which has just been made public by Edward Snowden, who is still using his NSA backdoor algorithms to hack into everyone on earth's private correspondence - reveals an interesting back-story.

From: Judge Alvin "Big Al" Hellerstein
To: Lucky Larry
Dated: Wednesday, July 17th, 2013
CC: Edward Snowden, Moscow Airport, Delayed Departures Lounge

Hey "Lucky Larry"

Your luck has run out, pal.

You are making the tribe look bad.

You bought a condemned property. You doubled the insurance. It burned down. Then you doubled down again with your double-indemnity claim. And now here you are, doubling down a third time.

Third time's the charm, schmuck.

You can take those three billion shekels you're asking for and stick them right up your keister.

The whole world knows you as "Mr. Pull-It."

You are a world-class putz. 

Mr. Rothschild is getting very, very angry with you.

You have enormous chutzpah, Mr. Silverstein. And I do not mean that in the goyish complimentary sense. 

If I were you, I would stay out of tall buildings until this thing blows over.


Judge Alvin Hellerstein
Mossad Special Operations - American Judiciary Infiltration Unit
32°8'35"N   34°48'15"E
Tel Aviv, Israel

*When a building burns down in New York, for no discernible reason other than insurance fraud, it's attributed to "Jewish lightning."  Yes, we know that's an anti-Semitic expression. The people of New York should be ashamed of themselves for talking that way.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Colorado "open season on drones" law should be expanded

Deer Trail, Colorado is about to declare open season on drones:

"According to the proposed ordinance, which will be considered by the town council at its next meeting on Aug. 6, prospective bounty hunters can get a one-year drone-hunting license for $25. Proposed bounties will be $25 for those turning in the wings or fuselage of downed aircraft and $100 for mostly intact vehicles. To collect the bounty, the wreckage must have 'markings, and configuration … consistent with those used by the United States federal government.'"

It's a great idea. But why stop with drones? Why not declare open season on a wider range of treasonous government activity?

Drone surveillance - like license plate readers, traffic surveillance cameras,  airport TSA checkpoints, NSA data gathering, and various other current practices - are blatant violations of the Constitution of the United States of America. Under the Constitution, no government searches and seizures (i.e. surveillance) of any kind is permitted, unless the government requests and obtains a warrant based on specific information regarding criminal activity, and explains precisely and in detail what it is looking for and why.

Those violating the Constitution are traitors.

And the penalty for treason is death.

So maybe it's time for municipal, county, and state governments to pass laws specifically authorizing the destruction of property and, if necessary, the use of deadly force against government officials who violate the Constitution.

The Constitution demands that all license plate readers, facial recognition machines, traffic surveillance cameras, red-light cameras, and computer surveillance technologies must be destroyed; and the traitors operating them must be tried, convicted, and executed. State, county, and local governments ought to pass laws specifically authorizing citizens to destroy the machinery of treason. Bounties should be offered to citizens who shoot, smash, sabotage, or otherwise destroy these machines. And citizens should be authorized to use deadly force against any uniformed traitors attempting to prevent the destruction of the machinery of treason.

If enough local and state governments pass laws like these, a mass movement to restore Constitutional governance could arise.

Hats off to the brave citizens of Deer Park, Colorado!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

US News covers planned 9/11 truth march!

US News - one of the three top US newsmagazines - just published as story about the upcoming Million American March Against Fear, scheduled for September 11th, 2013 in Washington, DC. ! I plan to be there - and will stay over in DC for the DC Conference over the weekend. See you there! -Kevin Barrett

Washington Whispers

'Million Muslim March' Scheduled for Sept. 11 Reorients to Seek 9/11 'Truth' 

The American Muslim Political Action Committee is hosting what it hopes will be a gathering of one million people in Washington, D.C., on the 12th anniversary of 9/11 to urge the government to reveal "the truth" about the attacks.

"We want to hold President Obama accountable for his empty promises of creating a transparent government," march organizer Isa Hodge told U.S. News. "What exactly have we spent all our money, lost lives and taken lives for? The entire record of the 9/11 Commission has never been released."

Protesters will also denounce "FBI traps," "illegal tapping and surveilling of Muslim Americans" and "media propaganda making the word terrorist synonymous with Muslim," he said.

The march was announced as the "Million Muslim March" earlier this year, but its name has since been changed to the "Million American March Against Fear," according to Hodge.

[TSA: Don't Fear Ramadan Practices]

The organizer said north-central Pennsylvania's Williamsport Tea Party has joined with planners, in addition to groups that adhere to conspiracy theories about the 9/11 attacks or oppose the National Defense Authorization Act, which authorizes the president to approve indefinite detentions.

"Depending on my work schedule, I will be attending the event," Nick Defonte of the Williamsport Tea Party told U.S. News. "We all deserve to be judged on our own merits, and that is precisely why I will show my solidarity with peaceful, Constitution-loving citizens."

"We're waiting on Minister Louis Farrakhan [of the Nation of Islam] to respond to our request," Hodge said. "His ministers below him are interested in being involved, we're just waiting for Minister Farrakhan to OK it."

Farrakhan keynoted the 1995 "Million Man March" and his group provided much of the organizational muscle needed to deliver nearly one million attendees to the National Mall for that event. U.S. News was unable to reach the Nation of Islam for comment through its Final Call newspaper.

[MORE: U.S. News Coverage of Islam]

Hodge said he's also trying to persuade former Texas Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, to attend.

One major Muslim advocacy group, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, will not be joining the event.

CAIR spokesman Corey Saylor told U.S. News his group definitely will not participate, but expressed support in theory for the idea of a "Million Muslim March."

AMPAC has applied for space on the National Mall for the demonstration. The National Parks Service, according to Hodge, has scheduled a July 28 phone conference about the request, citing "a few questions" about the application.

The National Parks Service requires a permit for all large events on the Mall, spokesman Carol Johnson told U.S. News. "We get lots of permit applications daily, so availability is always changing," she said in an email.

With the scheduled demonstration less than two months away, a Facebook event advertising the march indicates attendance might be more than 999,000 short of one million, although several ifs could bolster attendance. The event encourages readers to "help us get the truth about 9/11."

Hodge has little patience for allegations of insensitivity in picking the date.

"There were Muslim firefighters, police officers, first responders," he said. "That day was not only an attack on Americans but a deeper attack on Muslim Americans... we were not only victims but made villains."

Monday, July 15, 2013

9/11 insurance fraud? Silverstein trial in NYC runs Monday through Wednesday

Is this the world's worst case of insurance fraud...ever?

That's what many are saying, as the world's biggest real-estate swindler and the world's most corrupt judge meet in a Manhattan courtroom on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. At issue: billions of dollars in loot from the demolition of the World Trade Center complex on September 11th, 2001.

World Trade Center owner Larry Silverstein - who confessed on national television to “pulling” World Trade Center Building 7 - will appear in the courtroom of Judge Alvin Hellerstein at 500 Pearl St. in New York City.

Full article:


Sunday, July 14, 2013

My latest Press TV debate with a loudmouth Zionist

My latest Press TV debate with a loudmouth Zionist:

Obnoxious Zionist hack: Israel treats nasty Palestinian children with kindness and affection

(watch the debate here)

Also, I just posted Joseph Massad's terrific new piece on Egypt at VT.

And don't miss: Malala is another Illuminati Psy Op

Friday, July 12, 2013

New studies: ‘Conspiracy theorists’ sane; government dupes crazy, hostile

Is this building collapsing...or exploding?
"The new study by Wood and Douglas suggests that the negative stereotype of the conspiracy theorist – a hostile fanatic wedded to the truth of his own fringe theory – accurately describes the people who defend the official account of 9/11, not those who dispute it.”

Read the full article:  http://presstv.com/detail/2013/07/12/313399/conspiracy-theorists-vs-govt-dupes/

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What's really happening in Egypt, part 3

Ramadan mubarak!

I just weighed in with another piece on what's really happening in Egypt:

New World Order kills Egypt democracy

You can look at it as part three of my series on Egypt. (Read part 1,  Egypt needs real Islamic revolution, and part 2, Egypt’s deniable coup: Another anti-Islam psy-op)

Also posted Eric Margolis's terrific piece on Egypt, with an introduction:

So Much For Mideast Democracy

Sunday, July 7, 2013